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ACI Willow Bark P was formulated to take advantage of the skin properties of Salix Alba, and a natural corn starch-derived propanediol.

Salix Alba, or White Willow is rich in salicin, from which both aspirin and salicylic acid can be derived

SALICIN (Pictured)

Salicylic acid itself is perhaps the most useful multifunctional ingredient available to the cosmetic formulator. It functions as a hair and skin conditioner and its anti-aging properties have been compared to those of retinol.

Willow Bark P also contains 1,3-propanediol derived from corn sugar. This component acts as an emollient and a humectant, whilst also augmenting the antimicrobial activity of the willow bark.

Unfortunately, the original source of propanediol could not be guaranteed GM-Free, but we are now delighted to have found a totally GM-Free replacement.


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