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Back From Fiji (where did February go part 2)

Cosmetic preservation using natural antimicrobials has always been a major focus of Active Cosmetic Ingredients Ltd. Our work with plant extracts has also taken us across the globe in search of new and unusual ingredients. Our work with growers in Fiji to produce ACI Fijian Lotus Flower extract is one such example. The flowers bloom from December to February so this is the one opportunity we have to gather the stock we need for each year’s production. It is not the easiest of journeys to undertake; I set off on a Wednesday evening and, via Abu Dhabi and Sydney, I arrived in Nadi, on the west coast of Fiji the following Saturday afternoon.

It was hot, even for Fiji, and the heat was feeding a huge weather system that was forecast to hit Fiji over the next few days.

One headline read;

Tropical depression expected to intensify into strong cyclone as it nears Fiji, meteorologists say

“A tropical depression currently going by the name of 11F is just off the islands in the very far east of Solomon Islands, it is very slow moving but it has been intensifying,”

By Wednesday, it had a name, Cyclone Pam, and we started to experience the outer edges of it on Wednesday evening. On Thursday morning we awoke to headlines warning of severe weather and flooding, and a satellite photo in the hotel showing the size of the system. However, the weather was calm. During the night, the system had changed direction and was headed towards Vanuatu. I guess we’ve all seen footage of the devastation caused by the cyclone.

The trip to Fiji was successful in terms of gathering the lotus flower harvest, and in terms of getting together with our friends and partners out in that part of the world, but our heart goes out to the people in Vanuatu.

“It is estimated that half the population of Vanuatu have been affected (132,000) and at least 54,000 of these are children,” UNICEF wrote on its website.

If you feel that you would like to help the situation in Vanuatu, more information can be found here

For our part we will donate 10% of all sales of our Fijian Lotus Extract to relief efforts in Vanuatu.






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