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Where did February go (part 1)?

OK, we know it’s a short month but it’s been pretty action-packed.

The fame of ACI Fijian Lotus Flower Extract has spread to the other side of the world.

We are making arrangements for our first shipments to Brazil.

We were also honoured to receive an invitation to visit the office of the Fijian High Commissioner. Schedules have not permitted this to happen yet but we’re hoping to make it happen soon.

It’s midsummer in Fiji, so it’s time to get out there and get the Lotus flowers in. They’ve been making an impressive display since late December.

The trip is fixed for early March

We always look forward to getting together with our friends out in Fiji, their welcome makes the 30+ hours in aeroplanes and airports feel worth the effort.

Besides, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected;

On my first visit to Fiji, whilst recovering from the initial jet lag, I was talking to a huge New Zealander, currently living on Australia’s Gold Coast. In the course of the conversation, he asked me where I lived. Not being sure how well his geographical knowledge of West Yorkshire would be, the conversation went something like this;

“So, where’re you from?”


“Well that’s bloody obvious, whereabouts?”

“Err, well, if you know northern England at all, it’s south of Leeds, between Wakefield and Huddersfield”

“So whereabouts? What’s the name of your village?”


(knowing full well that a Kiwi living in Australia would have no knowledge of small West Yorkshire villages and that this would be the end of the conversation)


“Whereabouts in Emley?”

“You’ve heard of Emley???”

“I played for Huddersfield Giants and had a place in Kirkburton”

After spending around 30 hours travelling 16,000 miles I had been talking to a guy who used to live less than two miles away……………




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